Some Cats of Neko Cafe'

Silver - American short hair mixed Bengal

Hi, my name is Silver and i am the boss of family, i make the rule for all the comunity and everybody have to follow me.I like jump on the step  of wall and sleep inside the box.But i like take some cuddle from the people come to visit me because i am the boss but i have a big heart also.

Windy - American Curl

Hi, my name is Windy , my owner choose this name for me because maybe him think if i take wind with my ears i can fly!! ;-)) , yes because my main feature is the ears curl tipical of american curl. I am the "girlfriend" of Silver. We are so similar about temperament, we like jump and running in the cafe, and sometime we make pranks with customers because when running we don't care nothing and dessert and coffee falls down. But believe me i like when people touch and cuddle  my ears ;-))

Robin - Persian mixed Maine Coone

Hi, i am Robin , you remember the movie "Batman & Robin" ok i am the second ;-) , i have a small mask in my face and i am the "brave" cat in the group. I never scary and i can go look for first when around me have some trouble, because i am super hero of Cats. I am younger but i am so massive already maybe better if my owner call me "Hulk" than "Robin" ....ah ah ah I am very polite with everybody come in my shop, and i go for say hello all the people because i am very lovely cat but lovely,lovely...unbelievable!!

Cloudy - Persian

Hi , i am Cloudy (princess for friends) my hair have same colour of the cloudy days, but my second name i like too much because i am the beautiful  cat of the group, and everybody is envious about my beauty.My temperament is a 100% from "lady" ah ah ah , i like lick my hair all the day and i like the colour pink of my shop, My life is so comfort , and i like life same this , remember i am princess!!

Mr. Grey - Himalayan

Hi, i am Mr.Grey (Pi wan for friends) , i have a little big problem: I have an obsession of food!!! All the food!!, i can eat vegetable, spiced food, everything is edible for me. When i come close to table of customers and i see some dessert or smoothies on the table step by step i come close and after jump for eat or lick. I am so  sorry but i can not resist when i see i have to eat! But i like to play with other cats too and people can not resist about my blue eyes because remember i am " Mr.Grey".