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Our company

Neko Cat Cafe' born from an idea to combine a passion for cats with the possibility to relax and interact with them while drinking a coffee,drink,or smoothies perhaps accompanied by eating a delicious slice of cake,
all in a fun and stimulating environment with our adorable and playful cats, visit us and enjoy!!


At our Cat Cafe we serve :

coffee espresso, americano, cappuccino,hot chocolate

Iced Coffee and Iced beverage

Hot Tea and Iced Tea

Delicious Fruit Smoothie or frappe'

Beer - Coke - Fanta- Sprite - Soda water

Brownie cake



Mochi ice Cream

and much more .....



Working time: every day from 10am-8pm , closed on Tuesday

A story of Cat cafe .....

Cat cafes are becoming known world wide, the first opening in Taiwan in 1998, and since spreading to Japan, Vienna, Russia, Germany, China, Thailand, the UK, France, and more! The success of cat cafes is due to several reasons, the main one being that cats are awesome. In city centres it can be difficult to rent a flat that allows animals, and so cat cafes are a great solution to these problems.

It has also been proven that interacting with cats can lower high blood pressure, stress, and anxiety.


Thank you for visiting Neko Cat Cafe in Phuket

we are waiting of enjoy with my lovely family!

Cooperate with Soi Dog Foundation of rescue cats and dogs for adoption

Neko Cat Cafe Phuket cooperate with a famous foundation located in Phuket for help the cats and dogs that foundation rescue for find a new family ready for adoption the unlucky cats live on the street.If somebody are really interested for adoption cats or dogs we can contact the association for a better solution.WE LOVE CATS.