Welcome to our big family of adorable cats

Welcome to the first south Phuket's cat cafe at Rawai.
Unique and special interactive environment await the visitors that will be able to play and cuddle our cats while drinking a coffee ,smoothies or eating a delicious dessert.We have nine adorable cats of various breed, for stimulate curiosity of people come for know better the beautiful  world of cats.Here you can play , cuddle, touch and interactive with all the cats because our cats like too much stay with people and is really lovely with everyone come inside the coffee shop.

Come for try our special cake and dessert.

Neko cat cafe Phuket have a delicious selected dessert for everyone need a lot of sweet in your day, we make homemade italian dessert also, tiramisu',pannacotta, and much more.....

Special Italian dessert

We have also a famous tiramisu' cake , original from italian cuisine,come for try !

Special and unique pink design for a lovely place.

We make a different intern concept design , for a relaxing and interactive environment where you can play with our cats , cuddle, while drinking a smoothies or eat a delicious dessert, all in a stimulating environment. Family and children are welcome for pass some hours in a great company or our cats.

All the children and their families are welcome here

Many family come here for relaxing with our cats and we can learn the children and the youngest customers some tipical feature of the different breed we have , for make interest of the fabolous world of cats.Here have a possibility for make  a birthday party also , all the children can interactive and play with our bif family of cats under the surveillance of parent and staff.